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We give holistic solutions with strategy & technology.

In January 2020, a group of experts with years of experience in marketing, Asphalt, bitumen and road sector decided to take this business environment to a whole new level. Established in Georgia, Tbilisi and with great visions for the industry, Bitugroup LLC began to deliver a variety of services including supplying road material and machinery, providing marketing services virtually and in B2B trade events and offering road techniques and solutions.


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Bitugroup LLC
Bituroad -Bitumen and road conference
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In Bitugroup LLC,

We provide custom solution based on your needs

The insights gained over years of experience gave us a vision for the road industry and we took the first step by creating the first specialized B2B Bitumen and Road platform in the Caucasus region, the Bituroad Conference.
Understanding the importance of infrastructural development better than anyone, Bitugroup represents expertise and competence.

The road to future

We give holistic solutions with strategy, design & technology.

Our ultimate mission is to provide development opportunities, business exposure and recognition as well as enhancing the technical and professional knowledge via the platforms created, for all the professionals in the industry to benefit from.

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