Main materials we are able to provide you


The main material which uses as raw material in producing asphalt, roofing materials, bitumen emulsion and Polymer modified bitumen

Asphalt and bitumen modifiers

Bitumen modifiers boost the softening point and decrease rutting of a large variety of bitumen types. SBS polymer and SBR-Latex are the common bitumen modifiers.


Emulsifier keeps the bitumen in its fine droplet state by disallowing it to mix with other droplets in producing asphalt emulsion.

Anti-stripping agents

Anti-stripping agents are chemical mixtures containing active functional groups that improve the adhesion of the bitumen film on the surface of the aggregates.

What we provide in road materials

Provide the high quality road materials

Bitugroup provides below material and products utilized in a variety of road maintenance and construction projects.

  • Different grade of Bitumen
  • Emulsifiers
  • Asphalt and bitumen modifiers – SBS – SBR-latex
  • Anti-stripping Agents
We try to do our best and provide the high quality material to found the long term cooperation with our costumers.
Road material - bitumen - emulsifier


We provide different type of bitumen base on PG and Penetration grade like 60/70, 85/100, 60/90, PG 64-22, PG 58-22 and some grade of polymer modified bitumen (PMB)


We provide different grade of emulsifiers which are use to produce Cationic or Anionic bitumen emulsion, Rapid setting, Slow setting and Quick setting.

Bitumen Modifiers

Bitumen Modifiers
We provide hot mix asphalt modifiers. Also, we provide some grade of SBS polymer to modifies bitumen and SBR-Latex to modifies the bitumen emulsion

Anti-stripping agent

Anti-stripping agent
One of road material we provide is anti stripping agents which counteract the disaggregating action of water and to guarantee a perfect adhesion of bitumen to the aggregate

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