Have a quick look at the main services in road machinery we offer you

Asphalt distributor

It's designed for professionals to be used in a variety of applications; chip sealing, emulsion spraying

Microsurfacing paver

The slurry seal and micro surfacing paver can not only repair surface defects of the existing pavement but also increase the carrying capacity of the road surface

Chip sealer

Chip sealer is able to spray asphalt binder and spread aggregate synchronously

crack sealer

A pavement preservation equipment to treat road cracks with polymer modified bitumen or mastic asphalt

What we provide in road machinery

Provide road maintenance and preventive machinery

Transportation infrastructure and its upkeep is one of the country's greatest ongoing needs. Also, one of the biggest challenges for city leaders is keeping up with the amount of pot holes and breaks in roads. So the importance of keeping the roads is enough clear for all of us.
There are lots of different strategies for maintaining roads, but they all fall under 3 categories.
  • Emergency Road Maintenance
  • Reactive Road Maintenance
  • Preventative Road Maintenance
Bitugroup is ready to provide consulting services for preventative road maintenance projects, such as Fog seal, Crack Sealing, Chip sealing, slurry seal, micro-surfacing and cold recycling.   

Road maintenance machinery

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Bitugroup LLC offers a variety of services including supplying road material and machinery, providing marketing services virtually and in B2B trade events and delivering road techniques and solutions.

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