Anti-stripping agents with superior quality and perfect performance

Creat a perfect bond

Guarantees a perfectly stable bond between bitumen and aggregate in any type of application condition

Highly compatible with bitumen

No need any modification on physical characteristics (penetration, softening point and rheological properties

Good performance everywhere

Suitable to multiple areas of use, such as urban roads, airports, highways, etc.

Anti stripping agents

Provide high quality Anti-stripping agents

A very popular method of minimizing the moisture susceptibility of asphalt pavements is by the use of anti-stripping agents. Adhesively is defined as the capacity of a binder to remain covering an aggregate.
Anti-stripping Agents improve the adhesive bond aggregate – bitumen, avoiding stripping even under water or traffic requirements, which in turn enhances the long-term performance of the pavement.
AntiStripping Agents are a combination of cationic amines with long hydrocarbon chain as their active constituent. It is Extremely powerful anti-stripping and adhesion improving compounds.
We provide anti-stripping agents in good quality, resonable price with low dosage and highly heat stability to be cost efficient for our clients as well.

Anti-stripping agents

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