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Bituroad Conference

Bituroad 2021 is the premier event that brings together key representatives in road industry

Training courses

We define and hold special training courses in road maintenance technologies

Bitumatch App

Bitumatch, is the premier application exclusively in bitumen and road industry to give you up to date prices

What we do as an event organizer

Organize conferences and training courses

We offer specialized marketing services to introduce new products and we are honored to work as a trailblazer event organizer in the region, empowering domestic companies and opening the windows of opportunities for investors all around the world. 

Bituroad conference

The mission of the Bitugroup is to make Bituroad as one of the best platform to exchange knowledge and develop the bitumen and road industry. Bitugroup intends to add value to all the participant in its events by gathering the top Bitumen players and road industry leaders under one roof.
We believe providing a professional yet friendly environment for all the experts present at the event is crucial in developing the industry and can significantly help everyone not only to expand their business circle, but also to be inspired by new ideas and bring innovation into their work.
Bituroad conference - bitugroup
Bitumatch App - bitugroup

What we do in marketing

Use innovative methods for marketing

Bitumatch, is the premier application exclusively in Bitumen and Road industry, that will lead to a convenient yet professional access that results in facilitating the decision making process for everyone involved.

Not only the prices are up to date, but also latest news and practical information along with technical articles in the field; all brought to you to help you catch up with the latest trends shaping the industry, getting insights as well as giving perfect exposure for your business.

Now in Bitumatch app, you can check, match and decide whenever and wherever!

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Bitugroup LLC offers a variety of services including supplying road material and machinery, providing marketing services virtually and in B2B trade events and delivering road techniques and solutions.

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